Welcome to Ocean’s Flavor, Natural Less Sodium Sea Salts

For more than 14 years Oceans Flavor has been a wholesale distributor of natural less sodium sea salts both domestically and internationally. Oceans Flavor provides its products to some of the largest food manufactures including poultry, beef, seafood, cheese, and soup companies.  Oceans Flavor less sodium sea salts are also used in restaurant seasoning blends, nationally known retail store seasonings, and award winning bakery products.

When you think about natural products do the words food science or spice technology come to mind? We didn’t think so. When you want a natural sea salt that reduces sodium, without any flavor maskers or flavor enhancers, you want Oceans Flavor. Our natural sea salts are not created in a lab and do not require special technology. Rather we continue to harvest natural ingredients from the ocean and the Dead Sea. The result is an amazing, flavorful, less sodium, value added product that will be welcomed by your customers to enhance their overall dining experience. Contact us today to see how Oceans Flavor can be a cost effective added value ingredient to your company’s products.

  • Manufactured in BRC Audited facility
  • Wholesale and Retail products available
  • Non GMO
  • Flavorful and free flowing
  • Ideal for Premium product lines
  • Highly soluble
  • Non-metallic taste
  • Kosher Certified